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Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership = CARGO



Hello Fellow CARGO Members,


The next meeting will be held at Napoli’s on Thursday, May 12th. 


We will meet at Napoli's in Wylie.



701 N Highway 78 # A

Wylie, TX 75098


For the dinner portion of the meeting, we will be in the meeting room between 5:45 and 7:00 for food and fellowship.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM and run until about 9:00.


Under the new Texas Open Carry Law, you could be committing an offence if you remove your pistol from its holster while open carrying.  While at Napoli’s DO NOT remove your pistol from its holster unless it is an emergency.  


Member Don Bridges has volunteered his shop for the meeting.  There are a very limited number of chairs at the shop, so please bring a camp chair for the meeting.  We will meet there from 7:00 (ish) until 9:00 (ish)


The address is:

2274 EAST Brown Street in Wylie

While heading east on Brown Street, it is 1/2 mile past stop sign that's at the intersection of Brown Street and Kreymer Lane on the right hand side. 


The shop is behind a small white house with a picket fence around the front yard.




Since all of the Club officers will be traveling to the NRA convention in Louisville so we voted to move the meeting to the second Tuesday of the Month (May 12th).


Meeting gun topics:

·         Do you have a gun that you have purchased because you saw it in a Movie or TV show? 

o   Please bring any guns that you have in your collection to share and to let us know what show influenced your decision! – maybe a 1911 long slide because of Terminator, something from Gun Smoke, the Big Valley, the Lone Ranger, Magnum PI, wanted Dead or Alive, Tour of Duty or the Hurt Locker?

·         Have you ever purchased a gun because someone famous owned or used one similar?

o   Did you have to get a Single Action Army because of Roy Rogers or 30 30 leaver action because of John Wayne, A 1911 because of Tom Selleck, An Uzi because of Chuck Norris, a Mare’s leg because of Steve McQueen, Beretta 92F or MP5 Bruce Willis?

·         Do you have a backup gun in case your primary gun fails?  If so bring the primary gun and back up to the meeting!


From last month’s meeting:  Please take some time to look at this website: www.22kill.com  from the site:


#22KILL is a global movement created by veterans with a mission to:

·         Honor those who serve(d)

·         Raise awareness to veteran suicide and mental health issues such as PTS and TBI

·         Educate the public about current veteran-related topics and issues

·         Recruit Veteran Advocates aka “Battle Buddies”

·         Support various veteran empowerment programs; i.e. Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. (HCC), Equest Hooves for Heroes, Brain Treatment Foundation, Center for BrainHealth, REACT, Adaptive Training Foundation, and more.


If you have any suggestions for future speakers or topics please send your feedback to CARGO@att.net.


When was the last time you visited our web site?  Please take some time to go to the CARGO website at www.cargogunclub.org





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