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Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership = CARGO




Hello Fellow CARGO Members,


The next meeting will be held at Napoli’s on Thursday, December 10th


We will meet at Napoli's in Wylie.



701 N Highway 78 # A

Wylie, TX 75098


For the dinner portion of the meeting, we will be in the meeting room between 5:45 and 7:00 for food and fellowship.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM and run until about 9:00.


Member Don Bridges has volunteered his shop for the meeting.  There are a very limited number of chairs at the shop, so please bring a camp chair for the meeting.  We will meet there from 7:00 (ish) until 9:00 (ish)


The address is:


2274 EAST Brown Street in Wylie


While heading east on Brown Street, it is 1/2 mile past stop sign that's at the intersection of Brown Street and Kreymer Lane on the right hand side. 


The shop is behind a small white house with a picket fence around the front yard.




Meeting gun topics:

·         Please send suggestions to cargo@att.net and let us know what you would like to see as a topic for the meeting.


Additional discussion topics / guests:

·         Russ Ramsland exploratory committee


If you have any suggestions for future speakers or topics please send your feedback to CARGO@att.net.


When was the last time you visited our web site?  Please take some time to go to the CARGO website at www.cargogunclub.org



From the October CARGO meeting:




Difference Between 7.62 NATO and .308 Winchester


7.62 NATO vs .308 Winchester


The 7.62 NATO and .308 Winchester rounds are very close to identical with each that many people think that they can be used interchangeably. The main difference between the 7.62 NATO and .308 Winchester rounds is with which rifles you can use them. If you have a modern rifle that shoots .308 Winchester rounds, then it is very likely that you can shoot 7.62 NATO rounds. If you have an old rifle meant to shoot 7.62 NATO rounds, then you should never use .308 Winchester rounds.


The reason why you should never use .308 Winchester rounds in a rifle meant to fire 7.62 NATO rounds is the size of the chamber. The rounds of a .308 Winchester will be too loose inside a 7.62 NATO, This can have terrible results when you fire the round. As the powder detonates, the shell might stretch too much, causing it to rupture and explode. A round exploding in the chamber is a bad situation by all accounts and you will probably ruin your rifle as well as injure yourself. The 7.62 NATO rifles were meant to take military spec bullets that have much thicker shells. Not only does the thicker material make the shell stronger, it also reduces the space inside for the powder.


But if you turn the tables and put a 7.62 NATO round in a .308 Winchester rifle, you should have no problem except for a minor hitch when it comes to the length. Some 7.62 NATO rounds may not fit into the .308 Winchester chamber simply because it is too long. This happens very rarely and many people have used 7.62 NATO rounds for years and have not encountered this problem. This is probably a problem with older rounds and rifles.


If you have a .308 Winchester rifle, you can use either of the two rounds just as both are perfectly usable. But if you own a 7.62 NATO rifle, it is much better if you just stick with the 7.62 NATO rounds. There’s no reason to compromise safety by using the .308 Winchester rounds.




1.You can shoot 7.62 NATO cartridges in a .308 Winchester rifle but not the other way around

2.7.62 NATO rifles may have too much headspace for .308 Winchester rounds

3.Some 7.62 NATO rounds may be too long to fit in a .308 Winchester rifle



Thomas Jefferson wrote that "A bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular, and what no just government should refuse." 


Thank you,

Paul Curtis

President - CARGO


"If you can read this, thank a teacher. For the fact that it is in English, thank a Soldier."


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